beach view hotels in mumbai Colvale, Goa

Hotel Overview

Named by international travel website TripAdvisor as one of the best hotels in the world in 2010, Casa Colvale is truly an epitome of the luxuriant hinterland life that Goa treasures. With backwater beauty that rivals even Kerala, this quiet back-road boutique resort is an ideal place for inspiration. And just when you think all is too quiet, the river’s famous crocodiles will provide a spectacular show of raw power.

Intended originally as a private estate, Casa Colvale brings this very sentiment to all its guests, many of whom have gladly succumbed to its resplendent ambience of a luxury villa with unobtrusive service and delicious food. Dotted with comfortable sofas and seating in cosy nooks, the boutique resort invites you to reflect, relax and rewind.